My favourite podcasts

My favourite podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts?

I’m one of those people that listens to podcasts most days. I like to have them playing in the background while I shower, while I do my makeup, and while I cook. I also listen to them when I’m exercising — especially if I’m hiking — because I feel like it makes the time go quicker to listen to conversation as opposed to music.

My favourite podcasts are true crime related, usually mixed in with a bit of comedy. I also love scary stories podcasts, mainly the ones that share real life experiences that are terrifying as hell. I loved to be scared, clearly.

I recently shared my favourite podcasts on Instagram Stories and figured I’d do the same here so you can bookmark this post to refer back to later.

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

This is one of my absolute favourite serious true crime podcasts to listen to. Billy Jensen and Paul Holes discuss unsolved cases using their individual expertise [true crime journalist and former cold case detective, respectively], offering insight into available evidence and shedding light on issues within the case management and criminal justice proceedings, if there have been any at all.

This podcast is for you if you like serious discussions about unsolved cases held by those with expertise and knowledge of the criminology field itself. Billy and Paul have such insightful opinions and both bring so much value to the table in terms of leading discussion and driving action on cold cases.

The First Degree

A great true crime podcast to listen to if you’re looking for something a bit more laid back than the previous recommendation, but just as in-depth and detail-oriented. This one features stories with guests who are one degree away from a murder case, whether that be the family member of a murder victim, a school friend of a mass shooter or the neighbour of a serial predator… each week brings something new and interesting.

Billy Jensen hosts this podcast too, alongside Jac Vanek and Alexis Linkletter. Listen to this one if you love hearing stories from a first-person perspective.

The Night Driver

I’ve only recently started listening to this podcast by The Australian, but I’m already hooked. This podcast is presented by investigative journalist Hedley Thomas [who also brought us The Teacher’s Pet — a must-listen if you haven’t yet]!

The Night Driver is episodic and so. damn. captivating. I really enjoy hearing directly from those that surround the case, and I really hope this podcast leads to some answers for the family.

Voices for Justice

A must-listen if you’re interested in unsolved cases, especially considering this one is current and is going through the justice system right at this second.

This podcast is about the disappearance and murder of teenager Alissa Turney. Here’s why you’ll find it beyond interesting: it’s believed Alissa’s father killed her. Furthermore? Voices for Justice is hosted by Alissa’s younger sister, Sarah Turney. Sarah has led the case against her father for decades, and her hard work has finally paid off. Her father has been charged with the murder of Alissa, and will soon face trial. This case is so personal for me as it’s the case that initially got me into true crime. I hope justice is served one day soon, for both Alissa and Sarah.

What’s Missing

Another recent addition to my podcast feed, What’s Missing is created by the Missing Person’s Advocacy Network and tells the story of missing Australians, and the impact that missingness has on those that are left behind.

This one is super impactful and honestly… just really, really sad. I’d recommend only going into it if you’re prepared to learn about what it’s really like to have a loved one go missing.

My Favorite Murder

The original, iconic true crime comedy podcast. I listen to this one when I want to hear stories about crime but also laugh at the same time. It’s a weird combination, I know. Please don’t ask me to explain it.

I usually listen to this when I’m getting ready for bed after a particularly stressful day. It’s a nice distraction and never fails to make me laugh.

And That’s Why We Drink

Another excellent podcast for some not-so-serious true crime and paranormal stories. I look forward to these episodes every week.

Their episodes are usually longer than most too, and I loooove listening to them when I go hiking. I’m usually stifling a laugh because I don’t want the people around me to think I’m insane.


This is the ultimate true crime comedy podcast to listen to if you want to laugh stupidly loud, multiple times per episode. I honestly couldn’t recommend this one more.

Oh, and they release multiple episodes per week, too! This is a great addition to your podcast line up if you need a few more days worth of content to consume.

All Killa No Filla

Essential listening if you’re into British humour and true crime comedy podcasts. They release their episodes every so often [not regularly], so it kinda feels like Christmas when I see a new episode pop up on my feed.

This podcast in particular has been great since day one, so I’d recommend going back and listening from the very beginning. I love this one and I love Kiri and Rachel so much.

Let’s Not Meet

My favourite true horror story podcast of all time. When I first discovered it, I think I binged the back catalogue in about five days? The host, Andrew, shares real life scary stories sent in by the people that lived through them.

Creepy gas station experiences, eerie Tinder encounters and just general scary stories that you’d hear at a party and re-tell for decades. These stories are my favourite.

Radio Rental

This podcast is similar to the previous recommendation, except the stories are told first-hand by the people that lived through them.

While there aren’t heaps of episodes out at this time, there are still enough to make your way through on a rainy night at home by yourself.

Scream Girls

My final podcast recommendation is Scream Girls. I love discussing horror films with my friends, and listening to this podcast feels like that.

The girls actually made Signs [you know, the one with Mel Gibson] sound like a masterpiece full of intrigue and perfectly-timed humour, and I love them for that. A must-listen if you’re into horror films!