Everything you need for the ideal at-home coffee experience

Everything you need for the ideal at-home coffee experience

We upgraded our at-home coffee machine to the Nespresso system in June of this year and I’ve never been happier with a purchase. 

See, I’ve always been the kind of person that enjoys coffee, but I struggled with finding the perfect brew. I don’t like coffee thats excessively bitter, sour or acidic, and utilising an at-home ground beans to espresso process just never worked for me. I always struggled with getting a consistent coffee out of it, and there was always so much mess, which is why we looked into Nespresso originally. 

I think I was really craving the simplicity and consistency that a Nespresso machine would bring, and it’s absolutely ticked both of those boxes for me. My at-home coffee routine is so easy and so quick that I never skip the coffee at home to grab one while I’m out. It truly takes less than 5 minutes to make a latte, with zero cleanup and zero mess, and the taste is incredible. I definitely have my favourite Nespresso and Starbucks capsules, but even the ones that don’t top my favourites list are good. I’m truly never disappointed when it comes to my Nespresso machine. 

Now, let’s talk details. We have the matte black Essenza Mini with the black Aeroccino3. We use these every day, multiple times a day. They have become cannot-live-without items for us. 

Other Nespresso machines that are ideal for a quick at-home coffee experience are the Inissia and Citiz. Both are chic, modern and practical for all households [no matter the bench space]. 

Let’s talk capsules for a sec: I love the Nespresso capsules, and we’re on a monthly coffee subscription which works well for us. We get 10% of our monthly spend added onto our account for free, which usually results in an extra sleeve of coffee each month being sent our way for no extra charge. Love that. When it comes to monthly top-ups [because we do drink a lot of coffee], we pick up some of the Starbucks by Nespresso capsules that are available at most supermarkets. Their range of lungo capsules are my personal favourite, and Harry loves their dark espresso roast. 

If you’ve been wondering if you should upgrade your at-home coffee experience, there really is no better time than the present. We’ve had our Nespresso system for five months now. In that time I’ve only had a takeaway coffee once, and — honestly? It was disappointing as hell. At least with my Nespresso system I know I’ll get a consistently delicious cuppa each and every time, and only at the press of a button. It’s never been easier  to drink incredible coffee at home. 

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