Choosing the right dried pieces for your home

Choosing the right dried pieces for your home

One of my favourite ways to decorate our home is with dried florals. I feel like they are one of the easiest ways to bright life to a room without making it feel crowded or too busy.

They’re also an excellent choice for people with pets who like to chew things, and also for those who aren’t home enough to enjoy a fresh bunch of flowers before they wilt. Our cats are compulsive nibblers, so choosing the right dried pieces to display in our home has been crucial in making sure to avoid accidental poisoning [lilies are extremely toxic, if you weren’t already aware] and other flower associated dramas [excessive petal dropping, etc].

But choosing the right pieces can be hard. What sort of aesthetic are you looking to achieve? How many pieces are enough per room? How do you even get your hands on x, y or z?

Firstly, it’s important to gather concepts of a colour scheme that you’ll stick to. While most dried florals are considered neutral, there can be too much of a good thing — especially if your home is already quite busy. Mixing too many different kinds of dried flowers in a small space is a surefire way to make the area feel cluttered and crowded. Sticking to one or two species in a room is ideal, unless you are intending to display a large selection of dried pieces in a simple vase, in a quiet area, surrounded only by white space and air flow. A large dining or side table with no other decor is a perfect option for this.

Next, you’ll want to figure out which pieces work best with your pets or children. Smaller items like bunny tails and wheat can be a bit troublesome for toddlers when they get their hands on them, as most things they touch normally end up in their mouth. Dried wheat, especially, is quite sharp, so make sure to be aware of that. We’ve found cotton to be the most cat-friendly, with our two curious fluff balls leaving every single cotton arrangement we’ve ever bought alone. The same cannot be said about pampas grass. If one of our cats gets into the pampas grass, you can guarantee there will be tiny tufts of pampas everywhere. We also cannot do palms — the cats like to chew them and they cause massive vomiting issues due to how sharp the edges are. So we mainly stick with cotton, to be safe.

Now, you might be wondering how to source some of the specialty dried pieces you see on Instagram and Pinterest. What worked well for me was reaching out to a small local florist, and she was able to source everything for me with no trouble at all. I’ve been buying arrangements from Tarryn at The Flower Shed & Co. for years now, and recommend her to everyone I know. She’s been able to source me the most beautiful cotton, which I’ve filled every corner of our home with because I love it so much.

I think my last tip is something so easily overlooked, but it’s truly all about the story you want your dried flowers to tell. We’ve chosen to mainly display cotton throughout our house, as it ties in perfectly with our neutral decor while also warming things up a little with its wooden stems and organic shape. I also feel like cotton tells the story of how I want our house to aesthetically feel. Cotton reminds me of clouds, so whenever I walk past the arrangements in our house I’m instantly reminded of a warm, cloudy day with a soft breeze. Absolutely charming.