Should you buy a Kindle Paperwhite?

Should you buy a Kindle Paperwhite?

After about 2.5 days of thinking about it, I decided to buy myself a Kindle Paperwhite before the new year began. I had been seeing the popular e-readers all over Instagram, and a few of my favourite bloggers had raved about the devices on their websites too.

Last year was a dismal reading year for me. It just got to the point where reading became inconvenient. I could never get comfortable while reading, and felt that the practice of it became almost chore-like. So I stopped reading — barely picking up a book between the months of August and December, if I’m honest, even though my bookshelf was, quite literally, overflowing with them.

So, where am I at now: two weeks into the new year? Well, I’ve had my Kindle for almost three weeks at this point, and I’m already onto my fourth book.

It turns out, I don’t detest reading. I quite enjoy it, actually. I just hated how uncomfortable it was, laying in bed at night, squinting while trying to decipher words in a dimly lit room [our lamps are great for creating a cosy vibe but they don’t really do much actual *lighting*, ya know?] and shifting every couple of minutes/dropping heavy ass books on my face at midnight and giving up in sheer frustration.

The Kindle has removed every inconvenience that came with reading. No longer do I have to deal with poor lighting, the frustration of page turning while laying horizontal, or losing my bookmark. I also don’t have to worry about propping myself up in such a way as to be able to see the pages on a book and actually hold them open without arm pain [the Kindle is super lightweight] and cramped hands. I also no longer get crazy eye strain when reading, and I think that has something to do with the fact that the Kindle Paperwhite has backlighting.

Additionally, I can’t believe how fast I can get through a book on my Kindle. It’s kind of insane. And I like the functionality of knowing where I am within the book, so I know how much longer I have left. I have mine set to show me the percentage I am through the book, as well as how much time it would take me to finish reading it. This usually results in staying up way past my bedtime because I “only have 25% left!”, but that’s hardly something to complain about. Who needs sleep, anyway?


Put simply — I love it. It’s a simple, yet sleek device that does exactly what it says on the box. The process of purchasing e-books through the Amazon store is simple, the device can hold thousands of books [which is more space than most people could ever need!] and the battery life lasts forever. I’ve only had to charge mine once, about a week and a half ago, and it’s currently sat on 50% battery. It’s also waterproof, which will come in handy throughout the colder months, as I do love to read in a warm bath. I think the main thing I love about the Kindle is that it’s made the process of reading easy. I deal with a lot of back, neck and eye pain as a result of my job [desks, cameras + laptops, ya know?], and reading has never been easier, considering the device weighs less than 200 grams, can comfortably be held in one hand, and has adjustable lighting settings. I particularly love inverting the screen colours at night [basically dark mode], so that the eye strain is minimal, if not non-existent, and it’s great for the times that I have sensitivity to light after a bout of migraines. I genuinely couldn’t recommend it more, if I’m being entirely honest. 


If you want to keep up with my reading progress in real-time, you can follow me on Goodreads. I post daily updates there on the books I’m reading as well as the books I’m adding to my TBR list.