How I find my next read

How I find my next read

Nobody likes to have nothing up next on their TBR list.

I’ve experienced this one too many times, and it can make the very process of reading a little… unexciting? It’s like: what do I have to look forward to after this book? Nothing? Well… I might as well take my time with this one.

That’s not a fun outlook to have, so I always make sure to have a handful of *exciting* books up next on my TBR list.

But — how do I actually find the books that I want to read next? Where do I find the inspiration for my next read?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I am low key obsessed with Abby from Crime by the Book.

She’s a book blogger that works in the publishing industry and — you guessed it — she’s obsessed with crime fiction. Her recommendations and reviews are so in-depth and she photographs books so beautifully, and in such a way that makes you want to buy the book, just for the cover alone.

Some of my favourite books have come from her recommendation. In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware; Lock Every Door by Riley Sager; and of course The Snowman by Jo Nesbo.

I highly recommend checking out Abby’s blog and following her on Instagram if you’re crime-novel-obsessed like me. She always has the best recommendations and she’s usually talking about a couple of new books every week — so she’ll definitely help you fill out your TBR list!

If you’re not into crime fiction, I’d recommend spending some time exploring the #bookstagram community on Instagram. It’s usually pretty easy to find creators that have a similar reading style to you, and then you can go from there.

Otherwise, I sometimes utilise the recommendations feature on Goodreads to find books similar to ones I have read and loved. Sometimes the recommendations are a little off, but I have found a few excellent thrillers this way.