The reef-safe sunscreen I’ll be using all summer

The reef-safe sunscreen I’ll be using all summer

Sunscreen is a tricky topic for those with sensitive skin. 

Does it migrate to the eye area and cause irritation? Does it burn? Will it make me break out in hives? Will it actually protect my skin from the sun? Does it cause your foundation to pill? Will it give me acne?

So many questions! So many concerns! Welcome to the life of those who have weak as fuck skin.

Today, I wanted to share the sunscreen I’ve been trialling over the past month, and talk about the things I love about it, as well as the things I don’t love about it. I hope this encourages you — if you’re at all like me and haven’t been wearing SPF daily up until this point — to try something new and protect your goddamn skin. It’s so important!

Sukin SPF 30 Sheer Touch Untinted Face Sunscreen

First things first: let’s get straight to the things I don’t love about it. 

There’s only one thing, really, and that’s the smell. Oh, my god. It’s awful. I don’t even have the words to describe it, but wow. She bad. Here’s why though: it’s a natural sunscreen. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. That means it’s reef safe, but that also means it’s not made with pretty smelling fragrance to cover that awful zinc oxide smell. 

It only smells upon application though, which is why I still use this SPF and will continue to use it from here on out. Once you’ve massaged the product into your skin, the smell goes away. So — if you can withstand thirty seconds of hell, this product is for you. 

Onto the good things now. 

It’s not irritating. Not at all — which is so surprising for me because I have never used a sunscreen that hasn’t caused some degree of irritation.

The SPF factor works — I’m naturally as pale as plasterboard and I burn very easily — but this SPF keeps me protected for hours. 

It’s affordable and easily accessible, at least here in Australia. This is so important! I hate falling in love with a product and incorporating it into my routine, only to have it be impossible to get my hands on. You can buy this sunscreen at many chemists in Australia, and also on the Sukin website itself. 

It doesn’t effect my makeup application, nor does it alter the effects of my skincare products that I apply underneath. No SPF-related breakouts here. 


So, my final thoughts? The Sukin SPF 30 Sheer Touch Untinted Face Sunscreen is definitely worth trying if you are looking to avoid SPF products that are loaded with fragrance, filler, and ocean-harming chemicals. It’s ideal for those with sensitive skin, and is a versatile option for those who like to wear makeup on the day-to-day. While the natural scent of the product itself isn’t great, it’s a staple in my daily skincare routine and will continue to be!