The facial oil application trick I swear by

The facial oil application trick I swear by

Facial oils have to be one of the best skincare revolutions from the past few years. When I was a teenager, it was all about ‘oil-free’ skincare for oily or troublesome skin, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I even skipped moisturiser most of the time because I thought it made my skin oilier. Turns out I was wrong — very wrong — and those years sans-moisturiser only made my oily skin issues worse!

Now, in my late twenties, I know how important facial oils are for all skin types. Depending on your specific skin concerns, there’s an oil for everything. Since balancing my skin’s oil production out, I tend to stick to rosehip oil because it’s soothing, restoring and brightening. I apply it both morning and night, and also use it as a spot treatment for any dry patches or skin concerns, like grazes or sunburn. It’s a fantastic all-rounder.

The only issue I have had with using rosehip oil is that I never felt as though it properly absorbed into my skin on the days I went makeup-free. Instead, I always felt that it sat atop my skin for an hour or so, wearing away with regular face touching slash rogue hair strand interference, and because of this, my skin never really got the full benefits of the ingredient.

However, I stumbled across an article a few months back that totally changed the game for me in terms of face oil absorption. I wish I could find the original article to link here, but after countless searches I simply cannot find it! So, here’s basically what the article said:

Apply your moisturiser after you have toned and prepped your skin, allow that to absorb, then follow it with your facial oil. After you have patted your facial oil into your skin, then follow up with a small amount of moisturiser. Moisturisers contain actives that help the product absorb into your skin faster, and so applying a small amount of your moisturiser over the oil will increase the absorption rate of the thicker product underneath.

And guys? I don’t know if it’s scientifically legit or whatever, but for my skin, it actually works.

When I do my skincare now, I follow the above steps to a T, and my facial oil sinks right in. Right away, too! There’s no more weird oil slick sitting atop my skin and I’m no longer experiencing dry patches on my cheeks from the winter air. My makeup sits better on my face too, I’ve noticed, and I’m no longer reaching for blotting paper or powder at midday.

I just thought I’d share this trick here on the blog in case any of you were struggling with face oil absorption as well. Let me know if you give this trick a go, and if it works for you!