Making the most of your skincare products

Making the most of your skincare products

I’ve always been in pursuit of beautiful skin, and I’ve always enjoyed the process of buying and trying new skincare products. I love seeing what works and finding ways to fit ingredients and products into my already intense routine.

But for the longest time I thought you could just slap skincare products on your face and expect them to work. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

I’ve recently learnt there are a few things you absolutely must do when using and applying skincare for it to actually work. It’s so easy to ignore this kind of advice and keep haphazardly applying your products, but I’ve found my skin not only looks better when following these steps, but my skincare actually lasts longer – something that’s obviously ideal when you’re paying $150 for an evening serum.

Here are some quick tips on how to make your skincare products work harder and provide better results.

How to Make Your Skincare Products Work Harder & Provide Better Results | @agirlandgrey


I used to be the worst at layering my skincare properly, but after a lot of research [& a few helpful messages from you guys] I’ve finally got it sorted. Basically, you want to be applying products with a thinner consistency first and a thicker consistency last. For a more detailed rundown, check out Chriselle’s post on skincare layering here.


I’m one of those people that gets reaaaaal lazy with their skincare if it’s getting late and I’m tired, but you really need to allow time in-between each product to actually let the ingredients to enter your dermis and start working. I think a good rule of thumb is one minute between each product, or at least wait until your face is dry before you apply your next serum or cream.


Okay, this one has definitely had the biggest impact on how well my skincare products work. Whenever I’m applying an acne treatment or anti-aging serum, or even just a facial oil, I make sure to spend some time really massaging the product into my skin. Obviously don’t be super rough or anything, but a nice firm pressure while rubbing and massaging the products in is going to allow it to penetrate your skin at a deeper level and make them work way better than you’re used to. This works especially well with LUNA by Sunday Riley, and I actually tend to need less product because I’m spending more time working it around my face [deffo a win-win cos that shit’s expensive!].


Do you have any skincare tips?

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