My favourite Kristin Ess products

My favourite Kristin Ess products

I’ve always been a major fan of Kristin Ess. I think I first started following her on Instagram after Lauren Conrad tagged her in a post years ago [or maybe it was in the early days of The Beauty Department???], and since then, I’ve fallen more and more in love with the work she does.

At first, I was just appreciating the work she did on celebrities hair: Lauren Conrad’s textured lob [obvi], Lucy Hale’s ever-changing locks, and Jenna Dewan’s sleek mane, to name just a few, but then it extended beyond that to appreciating the level of skill Kristin Ess has in general. She just knows hair, and she obviously understands it, too. You can tell from her work that she’s super passionate about all things hair.

Then she released her very own line of products, and the haircare game hasn’t been the same since. What sets her line apart from the rest, in my opinion, is the quality to price ratio. You get a hell’uva lotta use out of your dollars, with each product promising not to break the bank. I love the versatility, too. I use her products in many different ways, and I believe they’re designed for that, which is absolutely brill. The beach wave spray? Fab for adding some extra texture to your roots. The dry shampoo? So gorgeous for equalising your ends when you’ve put a little too much salt spray in there.

Now that around half of the Kristin Ess range is available in Australia [exclusive to Priceline!], I thought I’d write a dedicated post to some of my favourite products in the line. I’ve only tried a handful of what’s available down under, but have it on good authority that every single product is incredible. Let me show you my favourites so far.


This is the first product I tried from Kristin’s line, and I bought it because I love an effortless beachy wave. My hair is naturally quite fine, pin-straight and usually sits very flat, but a few spritzes of this in freshly washed hair gives me that cool girl vibe when I’m feeling low key (which is most days). It also helps hair ties actually stay in my hair, as opposed to sliding right out. Otherwise, I love to use this in my hair after I’ve curled it as it creates an amazing texture that I’ve yet to find any other product provides. Also, as I shared earlier, it’s great in your roots if they’re a little too glossy.


Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows that my search for the perfect dry shampoo has been a long and tedious one. I love Batiste, but it makes my hair feel very dry if I use it for too long, and I love Klorane, but it’s never quite enough in the mattifying department, if you know what I mean? I recently tried IGK’s First Class dry shampoo which I did love, however if I used it too many days in a row, my roots started to get really knotty and brittle. So I purchased the Kristin Ess dry shampoo, and my search was finally over. I listened to the episode of Asking For A Friend that featured Kristin, and she said that her dry shampoo leaves a velvet texture in your hair, which definitely intrigued me. I can say that her claims 100% true, but it also soaks all of the oil right up and makes your hair look healthy and clean. This is literally groundbreaking for me guys, because I’ve always felt that it’s either one way or the other with dry shampoo. It’s either super drying and makes my hair snap, but soaks up every last speck of oil, or it’s really gentle and keeps my hair soft, but does zero in the way of soaking up and removing oil from my strands. Kristin’s dry shampoo does everything I need it to, and smells great at the same time. It also blends the colour in my roots a little, which is always a plus. And, because it makes your hair slightly velvety, it does a great job at equalising my ends when I’ve gone a little cray with the salt spray. I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough.


I literally hadn’t used a leave-in conditioner since childhood, until I bought Kristin’s. My ends are never really dry, and I put that down to the fact that I use very little heat on my hair, but they could use a little nourishing every now and again. This leave-in conditioner is lightweight (so it doesn’t weigh things down), and feels almost invisible. I actually use it every wash now, because it is so lightweight, and I can always feel the difference in terms of health and nourishment in my ends. It’s also brill on those dry winter days when your hair is staticky and you want to chop it all off. This leave-in conditioner is that gentle that I sometimes take it above my ears if I plan on using excessive amounts of heat on my hair in the coming days.

You can follow Kristin on Instagram, and if you’re interested, you can also lose hours on her website. She has tutorials for using all of her products, too, if you needed some extra pointers.