I find these personal introductions to be really quite difficult. How can I tell you who I am in such a concise way, when being concise has never really been my strong point?

In the interest of being as succinct as I possibly can, here’s my deal:

If I’m not reorganising my entire wardrobe at midnight, reading a gory thriller over lunch, or drinking wine in my backyard — pinot noir if it’s cold, rosé if it’s not — you’ll probably find me on my couch binge-watching a Scandinavian crime drama series or shopping online for “house bits” that we all know I don’t actually need.

I like to think of myself as multi-faceted, unique and direct; almost to a fault… But, in reality — I’m just like every other twenty-something woman that drinks way more coffee than she should, overanalyses everything she’s ever said, and quietly panics at the thought of hitting the big three-oh.

I live in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, with my boyfriend and our two cats. I take my coffee on oat milk — no sugar, ever — and will gladly spend twenty minutes telling you about the book I’m currently reading.

Welcome to sharnihastings.com. It’s so nice to have you here!

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