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Hi, I'm Sharni.

If I'm not hiking at sunset or having my third matcha of the day, I'm probably reorganising my pantry on a whim or drinking wine on my balcony — merlot if it's cold, rosé if it's not.

I like to think of myself as multi-faceted, introspective and direct; almost to a fault — but, in reality — I'm just like every other late-twenties woman that's over-analysing everything she's ever said and spending way too much money on oat lattes.


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The Book Club.

I read — a lot, and almost exclusively, I read mysteries and thrillers. Basically, I love a book that'll keep me up at night. It's gotta be gripping. It's gotta be a page-turner. It's gotta be just a *little* bit dark.

There's nothing worse than a book that feels like a chore to read, so I've utilised my extensive reading history to compile a list of the best [and only the best!] thrillers I've ever read. You can find a little about each book's plot, as well as a few reasons I loved it on the Book Club page. Ready to dive in?

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